The Boundary has an unrivaled international reputation for excellence in the visual representation of architecture and the built environment, and the launch of The Boundary Explore represents another ground-breaking moment within the Industry.

The Boundary Explore, which is exclusively available to our clients, is a new proprietary virtual reality service which allows users to seamlessly move in real-time, creating complete freedom of movement to explore a space in photorealistic virtual reality, either through a tablet, phone, web browser or VR headset using a regular internet connection, before a foundation brick has even been laid.

How it works

“International sales and marketing for the prime real estate sector will never be the same again. This is a game changer for our industry, as we can now offer a significant element of the marketing suite experience to our clients around the world without the need for them to travel”

Nikki Dibley, Development Executive, Helical plc

How it works